Pea Protein is increasing in popularity over a number of years now.

This is for a number of reasons falling into the categories of health benefits for ourselves and benefits for animals and the environment being cruelty free and more responsibly sourced. Here we look more in-depth at the benefits of pea protein for better athletic performance, health and vitality.

What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is a dairy-free, gluten-free protein extracted from the yellow pea through a special process. The fact that it is free of any animal products has made it quite a popular option for proteins among vegans, people with certain food allergies or sensitivities, and health conscious individuals. It also does not make you bloated, flatulent, or cause stomach discomfort, which is a typical effect of some other types of protein powders.

Unlike some other plant-derived protein powders like whey or brown rice protein, pea protein contains a nearly complete amino acid profile. This includes high levels of BCAAS (branched chain amino acids). BCAAs are known for reducing the breakdown of muscles post-workout.

Pea protein powders contain the highest protein levels of any of the plant-based proteins. This means it is great for metabolizing body fat, building muscle mass and improving cardiovascular health. It also contains fibre, vitamins A, E, D and K, and low levels of fat, carbs, and calories.

Pea Protein Benefits

It is also exceptionally rich in lysine, arginine, and phenylalanine. With this protein profile, organic pea powders fulfill the requirements prescribed by the World Health Organization. Nutritionists recommend that, instead of using just one type of protein powder, you should cycle through various options periodically. This will ensure that you get a great blend of proteins and necessary amino acids. Hence, we use pea, brown, hemp and sunflower seed protein powders to ensure a complete amino acid profile in OSN Organic Performance Protein.

Incorporating organic pea protein powders into your diet will have a number of amazing benefits to your health:

1. Promotes Weight Loss

Pea protein is especially beneficial when you want to lose weight fast. Consuming protein every day helps the body burn fat and build muscle mass. It also lowers levels of ghrelin – or the “hunger hormone”- in the body. Pea protein stimulates the production of peptides in the stomach, which help to keep you feeling satisfied for longer stretches of time.

2. Helps Build Up And Maintain Muscle

A common misconception about proteins derived from plant products is that they do not influence muscle growth and recovery as much as those based off of animal products. The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionists recently published a study that disproved this notion.

Pea protein increases the growth of muscles because of the high levels of arginine and l-arginine it contains. These are amino acids that help build up muscle mass in the body. They are not produced naturally by the body, so taking pea protein powder is certainly necessary if you want to increase muscle mass.

3. Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Several ingredients in food items influence how those foods will affect your blood sugar level. Pea powder is great for glycemic control. A study by the University of Toronto showed that ingesting pea protein lowers your blood sugar.

4. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Canadian scientists found that integrating pea protein powder into a diet led to an almost 20 percent drop in blood pressure in just eight weeks.

Ingesting proteins derives from plants rather than animal products also led to a decreased risk of inflammation and heart disease.

5. Pea Protein Powder Is Gluten free

If you have a gluten intolerance or need to avoid eating it for any other reason, pea protein powder is safe to drink. Every scoop is gluten free and instead packed with healthy, muscle building protein.

6. Organic pea protein is well….organic

Being Organic as all our products are means no nasty additives, GMO’s, pesticides or chemicals. As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air, and water pollution and less energy used; thus, ensuring a safer and healthier world for future generations to live in. Less pollution from harmful sprays means better biodiversity especially for birds, insects, butterflies etc.


Organic pea protein powder is a great health supplement with no proven long or short-term adverse effects from continuous use. It helps you get the required protein intake levels for muscle growth and recovery while not causing the adverse effects typical of other protein powders.

Further, it is beneficial for the kidneys, heart, muscle development, and weight loss. Deciding to start taking pea protein powder is one of the best health decisions you can make today.

At OSN pea protein is one of 4 protein sources used in Organic Performance Protein. As always, we do not compromise on quality and use only the best, raw ingredients.

What makes our pea protein powder different?

There are several important factors why our pea protein powder is superior among the rest:

Our pea protein powder is certified organic

Our peas are grown in soils that are fertile and free of contaminants. We have soil certification and the approval of EU organic certification bodies to back up this claim.

It’s made from 100% pure pea extract

We are proud to say our organic pea protein powder is made from pure pea extract with nothing artificial added to it. This way, you will get the full nutritional value of peas without the negative effects of chemicals and preservatives.

Our organic pea protein powder has world class quality

Our organic pea protein powder has a high BCAA and is easily digestible—in fact, it has a 98 percent digestion rate. Compared to other protein sources like dairy and soy, our organic pea protein powder doesn’t irritate those with a sensitive stomach.

Our peas are sustainably grown and harvested

Pea is better for the environment because it needs less water and virtually no fertilisers to raise and grow them compared to other crops. Two, peas work with soil bacteria and “returns” nitrogen to the soil. The remaining plant in the soil after harvest also breaks down easily to become a natural organic fertiliser.



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