Organic Performance Pre-Workout


250g – 25 servings

  • Clean, sustained energy without the crash
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Delayed muscle fatigue
  • Speeds recovery from intense exercise
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Guarana to increase energy, focus and stamina
  • Beetroot for increased nitric oxide production and blood flow
  • Mix of superfoods and herbs that enhances energy, stamina, mood and recovery


Fusing the ancient wisdom of powerful herbs and superfoods with modern day scientific research. Organic Performance pre-workout will increase energy, focus, circulation, pump and stamina in addition to providing the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants to boost performance.

As Mother Nature intended Performance Pre-Workout has been developed using 100% plant-based, natural ingredients, organically sourced and backed by science to help you achieve peak performance

Organic Guarana provides the caffeine boost to increase focus and sustained energy. Guarana has more caffeine content than coffee and is absorbed more slowly so it’s effect is less abrupt, more progressive and more durable meaning increased energy and physical performance without the crash of traditional pre-workouts.

Including the energising effect of organic matcha green tea consumed by ancient samurai’s before battle and enhanced effect on energy and mood of organic maca known to natives as ‘food of the gods’. Organic pre-workout will provide energy and focus to perform at your optimum to get the most out of your training sessions.

Organic beet root creates an increase in nitric oxide production. A molecule that enhances blood vessel dilation, increasing your blood flow capacity and lowering the amount of oxygen your muscles need increasing athletic performance.

Acacia is a good source of soluble fibre. Acacia fibre acts as a prebiotic, supporting digestive health, promotes good bacteria growth in the gut and increases absorption. 

Performance Pre-Workout consists of 100% natural ingredients specifically blended to provide the nutrients to increase physical performance, stamina and mental focus for more productive training sessions. Without the compromise of artificial ingredients, fillers, additives or GMO’s…. Purity and Performance



Organic Guarana Powder, Organic Orange Powder, Organic Matcha Tea Powder, Organic Lemon Powder, Organic Pineapple Powder, Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic coconut sugar, Organic Beetroot Powder, Organic Blueberry Powder, Organic Acai Berry Powder, Organic Siberian Ginseng Powder, Organic Acacia gum, Organic Maca Powder


Mix 1 scoop with 150-300ml water and consume 15-30mins prior to exercise or add to your pre-workout shake/smoothie.


Being Organically certified holds us to a higher standard, meaning we are regulated and assessed to prove our ingredients have been organically farmed, are chemical and GMO free. Meaning better for us and better for the environment through reducing pollution, increasing soil fertility, conserving water and is better for birds and animals as no chemicals are used.


Vascularity & Pump Blend:

Organic Beetroot, Organic Acai

Antioxidant & Metabolic Boost Blend:

Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Blueberry, Organic Strawberry, Organic Orange, Organic Pineapple, Organic Lemon

Energy, Focus, & Stamina Blend:

Organic Maca Root, Organic Ginseng, Organic Guarana




Nutrients; Vitamin B3, Vitamin C, Antioxidants. Higher amounts of caffeine than coffee. Natural stimulant digested by Brazilian tribesmen as it is believed they would have so much energy they could go hunting for days. Especially rich in plant phenols such as tannins and antioxidents that enhance the role of caffeine. Scientific research shows Guarana to increase physical performance, reduce lactic acid build up in muscles improving recovery and can aid fat loss.

Matcha Green Tea

A true superfood and most potent antioxidant. Samurai, the noble warriors of medieval and early-modern Japan, drank Matcha Green Tea before going into battle due to the tea’s energizing properties. While all green tea naturally contains caffeine, the energy boost received from Matcha is largely due to its unique combination of other nutrients also improving cognitive function and concentration. If it’s good enough for samurai warriors, its good enough for us.


Nutrients; Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Iodine, Calcium, Potassium, and Manganese. Native to the high altitudes of the Andes known as the ‘food of the gods’ due to it’s antioxidants and it’s enhanced effect on energy, mood, memory and sexual health for men and women. Maca root contains easily digestible high quality protein, small amounts of essential fats, and minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium, all of which have been shown to improve performance and reduce recovery time when taken before, during and/or after a workout.


Nutrients; Ginsenosides, Polyacetylenes, Polyphenolic compounds, Acidic polysaccharides. For generations Ginseng has been used due to its health benefits, recently this has been backed by science showing it boost’s energy and the immune system. An essential supplement for athletes putting stress and demands on their body through intense training.


Beetroot juice is packed with nitrates, which your body converts to nitric oxide, a molecule that enhances blood vessel dilation, increasing your blood flow capacity and lowering the amount of oxygen your muscles need increasing athletic performance.


Nutrients; Vitamin C, Folic acid, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Fibre, Pectin, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron. It is well known that Blueberries are a known superfood due to their antioxidant effects. However, they have been linked to decreasing the risks of many lifestyle illnesses too. Including cardiovascular health, managing diabetes and improving cognitive functions.


Nutrients; Antioxidants (ORAC 200,000 micromole TE/100g), Vitamin E, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phenolics 6.6g GAE per 100g, Omega 3,6 and 9. Acai is packed with antioxidants—it actually has over five times more antioxidants than other common berries. Acai Berry is well known for boosting energy, mental function, and cellular health.


A good source of soluble fibre. Acacia fibre acts as a prebiotic, supporting digestive health and promotes good bacteria growth in the gut. Meaning it can support the digestion of all the good nutrients and being a high source of fibre increases the feeling of fullness helping with fat loss.

"Finally a pre-workout that is Organic and not full of artificial ingredients and works. The fruit taste is great and I really feel energised. I have already seen an increase in my lifts since using this product"

Mark Phelan / London


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